Pop Dance recording artist, Arnold G, who wrote and performed the emotionally charged songs "Carry On", "Ocean Dreams" and "I'm Free" will have his 3 very special tracks prominently featured in POOLTIME the Movie and soundtrack.

arnold garcia
For over a decade, Arnold G worked with his voice instructor Alex Varden for music guidance and he then hired Claudio Collino to be the music producer for “Carry On”, George Phillips (Type 41) music composer and Jennifer Lipsius, pop singer, who sung the operatic on “Ocean Dreams” and “I’m Free” was picked for original song for the crucial scene to convey feelings of anger, rebelliousness, hope, and despair came up with a list of what Arnold G calls “dream choices” for the movie soundtrack. Michael Donahue Productions in association with Elusive Entertainment present the world premiere of POOLTIME the Movie, February 22, in the Silver Screen Theater of the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA.

“If you believe in something, you will go far. No one can take that away from you, but you” -  Arnold G
About the Movie:
Entering a gay midlife crisis, David, a handsome urban professional, decides to hold a different kind of pool party this weekend in West Hollywood.  At almost 40, David invites only his former boyfriends, not to do shots of Patron and play Lady Gaga, but to see if there really is a husband for him somewhere in his pool.  The moment one hunk’s swim trunks are nearly pulled off during horseplay in the pool, David’s former boyfriend Virgil shows up with his own mother!  Mama Anna scolds David for his procrastinating-- she wants David to get together with her son already!  What’s keeping them apart? And in another surprise visit, David’s sister drops off her son for the day.  Now David must keep his straight nephew from getting into trouble on the Internet.  (David finds it tough to advise his straight nephew on fidelity when five near-naked guys are in the pool today!)  Sure, David’s advice to his nephew helps the kid, but David has his own epiphany-- one of the guys in the pool looks like “the one”.  Cupid even unexpectedly pierces the hearts of Virgil’s mother, the Neighbor Tad, and even the pizza boy.  David embarks on an exciting, touching, and often hilarious journey of rediscovery in a story about friendship, dating and commitment.  After all, David’ ideal man can’t be far off with so many hot guys in his pool! 
About the Actors:
Carla Laemmle from Universal Studios’ original classic Dracula in 1929; Miss Austria 1969 and Hogan’s Heroes actress Inge Jaklin; Award winning Producer Tom Tangen who helmed the gay sci-fi cult classic Surge of Power; and introducing Marcus Harwell in his leading role feature film debut.  Also, Jeffrey Patrick Olson fresh from the stage in the salacious Hollywood stage play F***ing Men; swimsuit model and Dodge spokesperson Mark C. Hanson; actor Junes B. Zahdi who starred in Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style on Bravo, and wholesome teen star Kieran Newton who played Jimmy in Hannah Montana for the Disney Channel.  The director of photography is Scott Ressler from the blockbuster series Dexter on Showtime. Pooltime’s Director/Writer Mike Donahue directed the gay cult classic Sci-Fi film Surge of Power. 
POOLTIME has not yet been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America.

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