Dear Lambda Family and Friends,
We are reaching out today because Lambda Literary needs your help to survive.
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on so many people, families, and organizations—including ours.
For the first time in our history, we cancelled the annual Lambda Literary Awards ceremony. We’ve also suspended our work that brings LGBTQ authors into schools, and we’ve postponed numerous public gatherings. The crisis has forced us to pause much of the work we do on behalf of LGBTQ writers and has disrupted many sources of our income.
Like many LGBTQ and arts organizations, we do not have deep cash reserves from which to draw. We have reached a critical juncture where Lambda Literary’s very survival is at risk.
For over thirty years, Lambda Literary has centered and celebrated LGBTQ writers because books affirm, validate, and save lives. And we must continue to champion LGBTQ voices and stories.
Lambda Literary is here to create—and defend—a world where LGBTQ narratives matter. Only with your support can this work continue.
Over the course of our history:
  • Over 320,000 visitors have read our reviews of LGBTQ books.
  • 7,000 young people have read and met with LGBTQ writers who we brought into their schools.
  • 3,500 authors have had their work celebrated at the annual Lambda Literary Awards.
  • More than 500 aspiring authors have had their lives changed by attending our Writer’s Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices.
  • And countless people have attended events we’ve hosted to expand the audience for LGBTQ literature.
Please help us ensure this vital work can continue.
Our biggest source of support has always come from you, our community. We know there is no going back to “normal” after this crisis has passed, but we also don’t want to see a world without Lambda Literary. Future generations are depending on us.
A donation in any amount will make a difference, be used wisely, and be deeply appreciated.
In community and resilience,
Amy Scholder
President, Board of Trustees
Sue Landers
Executive Director