LA Weekly - LGBTQ nightlife in Los Angeles can be a bit detached, but each separate "gayborhood" has its own vibe and appeal. There's the glitz (and the expense) of West Hollywood, L.A.'s best-known gayborhood, and the burgeoning one of Downtown L.A.. Then there's the important and well-established gayborhoods in Long Beach and the valley. Then there is perhaps the most historic gayborhood: Silver Lake. On the eve of the seventh anual Off Sunset Festival, which is being held March 31, L.A. Weekly put together a guide on how to have a great gay Friday or Saturday night out in Silver Lake.

Before we dig into recommendations around LGBTQ nightlife in Silver Lake today, we first must acknowledge and discuss the neighborhood's historic significance. Back in the 60s, like most gay bars across the country, the police were constantly raiding Silver Lake's best known LGBTQ hangout, the Black Cat Tavern.


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