March 26, 2010
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'Go-Go Boy etiquette' I'm new to the scene and enjoy the hot guys strutting their stuff. What do I need to do to get a little action (yes I know pay!) but what's the etiquette?
12 years ago
unless a person is major big time ugly, gogo boys are no different than dating any other person. They may have big egos, but they are not impossible to 'bed'. Same goes for porn stars! Paying is NOT necessary, unless it is your Modus operandi and you do not have enough self esteen to get someone without paying. Don't embarrass yourself or insult the other person. Just simply be yourself and see if you can get a date without offering money. That makes you a "John" and the other person a whore. Is that what you really want? There is zero self respect on both persons part if money changes hands. PLUS it is illegal! If someone is an escort, they will make that perefectly clear. Do you really want that sort of person in your life? Would you ever know if they likes you, or your wallet?
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