March 16, 2007
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Growing homeless population and what can we do about it? The other day a woman and her 3 month old infant were beaten in broad daylight by a homeless vagrant. What can we do about it? What laws can the city council enact?
15 years ago
Community outreach. There are many reasons for homelessness. An individual that can have several psycho-social dynamics going on. First things first. Assessing the situation: 1.The size of the homeless population. 2.Educational barriers for eg. reading, writing & language barriers. 3.Physical illness vs mental illness; many physical illnessess like people with untreated diabetes, renal disease, or malnutrition can often appear psychiatrically unstable. 4.Where do you get the funding from: you're trying to reduce violence in your neighborhood, look for State or local grant monies and create a service to provide to these individuals to obtain the supports they need. 1)Nutrition 2)Housing 3)Counseling 4)Education
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