PO Box 672, Los Angeles
Ace Los Angeles, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit social meetup and educational and outreach group for asexuals (ace for short) and aromantics in the southern California area. We host social meetups twice a month. Additionally, we raise awareness through outreach and educational presentations and events

3055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #300, Los Angeles
Our mission is to positively impact the quality of life for medically underserved communities living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS and other health disparities through culturally competent and linguistically appropriate programs in Southern California.

611 S. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles
AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) is a non-profit organization recognized at both the national and local level for providing free basic needs services to people impacted by the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. Founded by four friends in 1983, APLA is a community-based, volunteer-supported organization with the mission of: improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease; reducing the incidence of HIV infection; and advocating for fair and effective HIV-related public policy.

1049 Havenhurst Dr, Box 443, West Hollywood
A/PGF is an non-profit, social and educational group established for gay Asians and friends who share an interest in Asian cultures and experiences. A/PGF's primary purpose is to provide a supportive environment where the interaction between members is enjoyable, safe and enriching.