May 13, 2006
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An interview with Evenstar's Michael caught up with Evenstar's Michael, producer of Reflex and TRIBE Long Beach Pride.

Here's the skinny on what they have in store...

michaelevenstarYou've been doing Reflex for awhile now; are you a newcomer to TRIBE?

That's funny, I've been getting that a lot this year for some reason. No, I have been with the QM (Queen Mary) event since the 1st TRIBE. I secured the venue and then asked Will Gorges to join me as he had a familiar name. The event was so successful Will asked me to become his assistant and I spent two years running the Red Eye before Will let it go and I started Reflex.

TRIBE is only two parties this year instead of four or five; why the change?

The space we used for after hours, NAGA has been sold and closed. It's just sitting there now. It was never the greatest space to use, but the QM used to make us end by 1:00am on Saturday and as it was within "walking distance" so we made the best of it. This year is very different as Global-Trend productions has made some big changes over at the QM; they have Paul Oakenfold on the ship May 19, (the reason we are not doing a Friday party). Global-Trend has shown the QM the benefits of hosting well produced large dance events. The resulting change in philosophy over at the QM made us decide to go for quality not quantity this year and still be affordable. We also found a great new space for Sat. with Phil B. & Dawna Montel.

The Rhythm Lounge, owned by sound technician Johnny Alvarez, is a terrific space. Interest has been huge so we added Tye to the front room this week.

Speaking of Tye, we hear he's really been rocking the boat over at Reflex?

Absolutely! We are very proud of him. I had been considering a 12:00am start time for a long while but put it on the back burner when Peter Kallen introduced BoyLA. Peter was wonderful to work with. The 12:00 am start time thanks to Tye's performance has us set to do12:00am regularly. Mike Oldenkamp came in the following week and was on fire as well. I guess waiting til' 2:30 am has been taking the wind out of all of

Factory has done a real bang up job with the PopStarz crowd on Friday and as we move forward I think you'll be seeing a softer sound for the early portion of Reflex followed by the more familiar after hours set from djs like Paulo & Alexander.

It's like two parties in one.

We see Tribe's Queen Mary Party is 18 & over?

Yup and we've added an 18 & over 4-play to open for Tony Moran who comes on at 8pm. I don't know how many 18-21 will actually come, but we hope many do give us a shout. We're taking the opportunity to show the boys what an event like this, with "all of the trimmings" is all about. Reflex host Jeremy Beard has created great video effects which we know they love. Adam Killian, the Eye of Newt Circus, Flava & Shokra are all returning this year to keep our eyes filled with wonder as the night rolls on. The gift bags have been stuffed and hung by the chimney with care.....LOL.

"All the trimmings" - That's the kind of party you like to produce?

Yes. it takes me days to sit at my desk printing and burning Reflex CDs, but I love doing it. I wish could do something like this at every Reflex..entertainment, giveaways, hot go-go boys top talent. I usually get a few pieces into each Reflex, I've had plenty of help from many people...Chanelta, Mindfold, Patti Razzeto, Jeremy Beard, Prada B., Sean Ward, Andrea Rothstein, and the Factory staff is great to work with. I asked RickK.and Mike Bryant what it is that make PopStarz so successful and they took the words right out of my mouth: "We make it fun" they said.

In one word I think fun is everything a party should be. Leave the attitude at the door.

Anything else in the works?

Will has asked me to take on the production of the Morning Party this year. It's fun to come back and work with him again. He is doing very well and busy remodeling a house he just bought in Laguna. He seems content coming back and producing Latin Fever, Morning party and TRIBE each year. Five years of Red Eye was enough after-hours for him. Staying up all night every other Saturday for years definitely takes its toll. I'm thrilled to see Reflex starting early just to see and meet so many guys that are out during normal hours. Producing after hours can turn you into a real vampire.


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