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10 Summer Sizzlers To Light Your Fire
plus How To Break The Ice This Summer

Dear Angelo,

How do I approachguys?

Signed, Shy

Dear Shy,

When you're at Starbucks and you see a hot guy a few tables over - break the ice and talk to him. The best thing is to be regular. Just be yourself.

Ignore the "voices" in your head that may say "you don't stand a chance." Don't listen to them. If you do, you might close up and come off as having attitude or being aloof. Don't do that. Instead, even if you feel you don't, act "as if" you had confidence. Take a chance and be friendly. You'll have a much better chance of succeeding when you're outgoing and nice. Most guys will let their guard down and respond positively. Go for it. You have nothing to lose. Just go over and say, "hi." See what happens. Let the conversation flow. Feel it out. Wing it.

This is what matters in life. What if he's your Mr. Right or turns out to be a great friend? You'll never know if you don't try. A single client of mine whose suffering from testicular cancer told me, "Angelo, if I regret anything, it's not taking more chances and approaching more guys. I've always been too afraid."

If you happen to get rejected, just remember that his reaction tells you about him. He's taking care of himself. Rejection means nothing about you. It's about what he wants or doesn't want. It's about his likes and dislikes. If it doesn't click, be thankful. You know he isn't a good match for you.

All The Best, Angelo.

Dear Angelo,

Do you have any summer dating tips?

Signed, In Heat

Dear In Heat,

Summer is a time of abundant life energy. Recharge your life energy by reconnecting with nature regularly this summer. Being plugged into nature reconnects you to yourself and rejuvenates your inner power. When you're more tapped into you, you'll be more grounded. This allows you to be more yourself. That exudes confidence. Confidence definitely attracts more guys. Forget about dating tips that tell you how to change yourself to get a man. Instead, focus on being more yourself. Erect your foundation. Like the movie says, "build it and they will come." Here's 10 QUICK HOT SUMMER SIZZLERS to light your inner fire. Then, when you get a date, you can warm up together.

1. Watch a sun set or a sunrise
2. Watch a full moon
3. Watch the stars and listen to the crickets
4. Visit a Botanical Garden, National Park, camp or hike.
5. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables from a garden, buy fresh seafood
6. Throw a BBQ or have a picnic with watermelon, summer salads and corn on the cob
7. Go to the beach, have a bon fire, pick sea shells, swim, float or surf
8. Go on a boat ride, waterski or go fishing by canoe on a quiet lake
9. Sunbathe with frozen fruit drinks and little umbrellas
10. Enjoy thrills! A thunderstorm, an amusement park or water park, sky dive or hang glide

All The Best, Angel


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