4resigncswboardThe Fight Magazine - Paulo Murillo -Turmoil from within continues to plague Christopher Street West (CSW), the non-profit organization responsible for organizing LA Pride in West Hollywood, as it now faces the New Year sans four valuable community leaders who jointly resigned as CSW board members in late December.

Community leaders Marlon Morales, Karina Samala, Andy Sacher, and Steve Ganzell made what they say was a difficult decision to resign as CSW board members after problems and disagreements persisted in the way the board is currently being led.


The organization has had much publicized bickering between board members and CSW leadership—especially with a lot of the changes that were implemented at last year’s LA Pride, with the commercialization of the event—initially branded a music festival to cater to millennials. There was also malcontentedness with the higher ticket price at the festival gate, and the return of the VIP section that was exclusive to those with greater financial ability, instead of being inclusive to everyone. And that’s just scratching the surface.


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