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Los Angeles Classic Women's Dodgeball Invitational - Los Angeles, CA, United States
Saturday, April 28, 2018
09:00am - 08:00pm
Los Angeles Classic Women's Dodgeball Invitational
It's back ladies! Be prepared for 2 days of hard hitting dodgeball!

This year Classic Dodgeball Invitationals is partnering with WeHo Dodgeball to bring even more fun to the weekend! We will be announcing updates as we get closer to the event, including a fundraiser aspect we are excited about!

3 division: Foam, No-sting and 8.5

Elite Rules

6 Players on the court, rosters up to 8

REGISTRATION IS OPEN. The fee will be $450.00 per team, yes that is an increase but so are the gym prices and other costs. PayPal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your team name, captain and roster.

Registered Teams:
1. Beavers
2. Invasion
3. Trophy Wives
4. Beast Mode
5. Pop That
6. LoveTap
7. Ride or Die
8. Fuego
9. Snatch
10. Acid Rangers
11. Money Shot
12. Tacosaurus
13. She Is Fierce
14. Riot
15. Game of Throws
16. TBD

Points and Awards

Round Robin:
1. Each round robin will be jam packed with games. If we get 14 teams again, each team will play every single team for 8 minutes in EVERY division. That means each team will play for 312 minutes on Saturday. That's 5.2 hours per team! Please be ready and prepared. If we get more teams we may need to create pools and you won't play every team but we will still get you as much dodgeball as possible by increasing the time of the matches.
2. Seeding will be based on total wins. Each division will be seeded separately. Wins in the foam division and 8.5 division don't get added together. If there are ties, we will look at the head to head outcome of the round robin set, and if teams don't all play it will be the point differential.


Divison Winners
Each division winner will receive medals and a prize.

Invitational Top 3 Overall
1. Points will be used to determined the top 3 overall invitational winners.
2. Total win points from all three round robin divisions will be added together after day one.
3. Points will be given on day two based on the final rank of the team in each division. For example, the first place team in each division will receive 14 points. Second place teams will receive 13 points and so on.
4. Saturday's and Sunday's points will be added together to determine the final rank of all the teams.
5. The top 3 teams overall will receive a cash prize
6. The top team will receive trophies

This is exactly the same as last year but if there are any questions feel free to PM me. More announcements to come!
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Category: Sports
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