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Friday Flirt! - Cuties Coffee
Friday, January 12, 2018
07:30pm - 10:30pm
Friday Flirt!
You floored us at the first every Friday Flirt! Now it's time to do it again.

Cuties is staying open one Friday a month so you can get your flirt on! This is an event for light cruising where consent is centered in a safer and affirming space filled with... well... cuties!

How Friday Flirt works: At the door you’ll get to choose a wristband. A mint green wristband means you are open to being approached by other attendees. A pink wristbands means you’re *not* open to being approached whether that’s because you’re shy or you’re just checking the scene out. If you change your mind you can change your wristband to another color at any time; just ask one of the organizers.

Once you’re inside take a look around and see who else is looking to flirt! Our coffee bar will be open so you’ll have sipping and snacking options along with some new signature drinks.

We’ll have calling cards so you can jot down phone numbers of the cuties you meet. You are under no obligation to share your personal information with anyone. If someone doesn’t want to share their info respect that!

If you’d rather not continue a conversation simply say “Thanks for talking with me but I’m going to move on now.” You can also cross your arms over your chest with open palms and make a clear "X" as a non-verbal signal that you’d rather not engage. If someone says they are ready to move on or crosses their arms over their chest to form an "X" respect that and take no for an answer. There are plenty of other queers in the sea!

$10 suggested donation at the door. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Please read our community codes of conduct carefully! If you do not respect the space we’re creating or the people in it you will be asked to leave. If you experience someone violating our community codes of conduct find an organizer immediately.

1. Queers and allies are welcome to come and flirt. LGBTQIA+! If you are an ally know that you are welcome but be aware that you are entering a space created by queer folks that is centering queer folks.

2. This event is 18+ and we will be checking IDs at the door.

3. Dress in whatever makes you feel ready to flirt!

4. Don't assume people's pronouns: ask.

5. We center consent. We encourage flirting and consensual cruising but listen when someone says “no” or moves on. Aggressive pursuit and disrespecting boundaries will not be tolerated. Only touch others with their express permission and please ask before you take someone's picture.

6. Substances - There will be no alcohol served at this event. If you show up intoxicated you will not be allowed in. Please smoke on the sidewalk outside away from the building. This includes cigarettes, pipes and vaporizors. Many community members are in recovery or choose not to imbibe so let's be respectful of that.

7. This is a hate-speech free zone. Mircoaggressions aren't cool either. We celebrate all bodies in this space so please no body shaming of oneself or others.

8. Transportation Info - Plenty of street and metered parking. The nearest metro stops are the Vermont/Beverly and Vermont/Santa Monica Red Line. The nearest buses are the 10/48, the 204 and the 754

9. Accessibility – Our shop is accessible including a single stall ADA compliant and all gender restroom. Service and emotional support animals are always welcome.

If you have any questions or concerns before, during or after the event don’t hesitate to find Iris or Virginia in person, text 323-200-9059, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Want to find out about more events like this one? Like our facebook page "Hi Cuties" http://bit.ly/26kY1Zc and subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly roundup and get access to our monthly event calendar at hicuties.com.
Category: Social Gatherings, Food
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