People in the LGBT community are our family members, neighbors, and co-workers. They are people like Apple CEO Tim Cook who have changed the way we live. Imagine a law that would make it legal to kill them all. The “Sodomite Suppression Act” is a real voter initiative in California that would “put to death by bullets to the head” anyone who has had sexual relations with a person of the same gender. The initiative wasn’t submitted by a fringe group, but by a California lawyer named Matthew G. McLaughlin.

Calling for the legalized murder of the LGBT community makes Mr. McLaughlin unfit to practice law. We are demanding the California Bar Association to immediately disbar Matthew G. McLaughlin to prevent him from practicing law in California.

Lawyers are a critical part of our judicial system. They help ensure our legal system is just and fair. A lawyer such as Mr. McLaughlin who actively pursues creating laws that permit genocide has no business practicing law in California or any other state. The California Bar Association must act swiftly to send a clear message that Matthew G. McLaughlin’s actions do not meet the standards of ethics and behavior set by their organization.

To ensure Mr. McLaughlin is disbarred, The California Bar Association needs to hear from us. The California Bar is an association that has an internal self discipline process and is usually slow to act. With our voices and outrage, we can get The California Bar to make the right decision now.

We will not stand by while someone who is suppose to represent our justice system calls for the mass murder of our loved ones. Please sign and share the petition today.

You can read the voter initiative here:

Sign the disbar petition here:

Gay in LA Note:  McLaughlin does appear to realize he is a bit off the reservation.  His photograph or any information about him other than his good standing with the CA bar are pretty much all you can find about him on the Internet.  He did submit another petition to issue bibles to kids in schools back in 2004 and a former boss of his has testified to his wacked out behavior.  The fact that he ever received a law degree is unbelievable.  I'd be more interested in hearing from his professors at UC Irvine.

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