This site will be a gathering place for gays of all ages, races, religions with varying interests to interact both online and offline.  Many of us live a double life not just in the real world, but also in our social media worlds online.  It is a reincarnation of, and much of its content has been resurrected from that site, which was popular between the years of 2000 and 2010.

Please forgive the inability to login and post comments or view photos and videos.  We are awaiting our official opening.

Gay in LA is a place where you can be yourself, post those pictures posing with the go-go boys or kissing the guy without worry that your Aunt Mary is going to see them.  We also hope that Gay in LA will be a place where gays of all ages and races can openly discuss issues or gain wisdom from others without judgment.

Gay in LA is still in test mode; the name may change and the site is now running on a slow server, so don't be surprised if pages sometimes take a long time to load.

Gay in LA is not intended to be an anonymous site.  Members will use their real names.

More to come soon.